An experienced freelance writer with a deep interest in entrepreneurship in emerging markets, Tian Wen is in search of change-makers and great ideas set to change the economic, social, political and technological face of Southeast Asia. 

He sees entrepreneurship as the best way forward for solving problems both big and small, and is particularly drawn towards the Education/EdTech space. He will be graduating with a double major in Political Science and Economics in December, and is currently with Asia-Africa Investment and Consulting as an Strategy and Management Consulting Intern, and with Singapore-based non-profit Choson Exchange as a research analyst. 

Awayintent is Tian Wen’s personal space for late thoughts unspoken. He also runs a professional copywriting and language community at Keyte, and writes about ideas, issues and startups in Southeast Asia at SEA Squared.


Great ideas start with a conversation. If you are interested or experienced in: 

  1. brewing drinks, DIY-cocktails (or any other drink that involves a mixer)
  2. UI/UX
  3. Digital and Social Media Marketing
  4. Education and Education Technology

Kindly drop me an email at taytw1994@live.com, I’d love to have a chat with you!


For freelance writing enquiries and other business services or opportunities, kindly visit The Straitsman for more information and contact me at thestraitsman@gmail.com instead.