About Me

Meet TW

Trend analyst / former tech journalist / Writer by passion

Hey there! Tian Wen here. Awayintent (an anagram of my name) is my space for sharing my data visualization progress, as well as random thoughts.

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelors (Hons) of Social Science in political science and economics. Ditched government in the end and have been trail-bashing my way through Southeast Asia’s startup scene since.

I’m currently at Lufthansa Innovation Hub as a trend analyst and formerly did tech journalism at Tech in Asia. Born and bred in Singapore; currently based in the Lion City, but plans to head out as a digital nomad soon.

Outside of full-time work, I cover Southeast Asia’s lit-journo scene and the region’s spacetech developments at Seakoel and Eighth Sea respectively.

Get in touch

I’m open to side collaborations (check this page out for deets) worldwide. Feel free to also reach out to me if you’re keen to support my work at Seakoel and Eighth Sea!

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